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Vegans of IG - We Missed You!

Posted by Vegan Scene on Jul 12th 2018

Vegans of IG - We Missed You!

Hi Everyone! It's good to see you. You look great. Let me reintroduce ourselves. We are Vegans Of Instagram, your OG source for any and all information you need to live a successful vegan lifestyle. Started in 2012 by our fearless leader Amy Rebecca Wilde (@amyrebeccawilde), we began as a way of bringing the vegan community together online.

Since our conception, we have amassed more than 50K of you wonderful people and our hashtag #VegansOfIG has been used almost 12m times (!). We think that's pretty awesome.

I bet now you're thinking, "Hey, if you guys had such a great thing going, then where have you been?"

Well we've been...busy.

Let's rewind a bit. We had a goal to take the wave we have made in the digital space and give it a place to call home.

And thus, Vegan Scene was born. We wanted to open the first vegan event space and store in Los Angeles, and give our fellow veg-curious and veganthusiasts a place where they could hang out, shop, and never have to worry about double-checking a label.

And it worked! In 2014, we made our nest at 610 Main St. Some of you we're at our amazing opening party (we have the photo evidence to prove it), and we hosted cooking and workout classes with some of our favorite companies in LA. In between our classes and parties you could find some amazing clothing, accessories, and lifestyle pieces from your new favorite vegan-friendly brands.

But we wanted to do more. And fight the fire that is animal exploitation in a way that reaches across lifestyles, demographics, and diets.

So in 2017 we launched a brand new clothing line, Legends & Vibes. Using 100% vegan and re-purposed fabrics, we have crafted collections that are the definition of So-Cal glam. We produce everything with ethics and sustainability in mind, and are proud to say that every piece is designed here in Venice and produced in Los Angeles. You don't have to be vegan to wear our clothes, you just want to wear them.

And just because we don't know what the words "too busy" mean, we also debuted our sophomore line REBELIVES, which instills the the talents of artists to reimagine and reinvent vintage pieces (think the coolest DIY projects you have ever seen).


Well for one, the apparel industry is the #2 dirtiest industry in the world. And we think that needs to change. We believe in the welfare of animals, humans, and the environment, and want to support the overthrow of fast-fashion.

(As always, John Oliver has perfectly summed it up here)

We know that commerce is the new protesting. We're not here to just change the industry, we're here to make a new path for what it means to be ethical and sustainable in this day and age.

In case you haven't caught on, we don't like standing still. In our eyes, the only way to grow is to evolve and adapt to our ever-changing landscape, and we want to bring you along with us.

Our initial goal with this account was always to invite and unite our wonderful community in a way that is entertaining and accessible.

So now that we have had a chance to get our hands dirty, we are ready to bring you brand new content that has the same creative and informative #VegansofIG flair we know you have missed.

Alongside this, we will be continuing to perfect and produce our clothing lines, which you can always find at VeganScene.com. We have quite a few big things in the works, so stay tuned.

And although she is a superhero, our leader Amy is now backed by a team of kick ass ladies ready to change what it means to be an advocate. Think Marvel...but with more coffee and pets.

So this is our comeback, we can't wait to show you what we're made of.

Until next time,

~ Vegans of IG