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Vilda Magazine Soya Latte Feature | Vegan Scene Press

Posted by Vegan Scene on Aug 16th 2015

Vegan Scene founder Amy Rebecca Wilde was featured in Vilda Magazine!

For me, it was the Vegans of IG Instagram account, founded by Californian activist Amy Rebecca Wilde – one of the most dedicated fighters for a better future that I have ever seen. Founder of Fur Free LA and tireless campaigner for the end of animal exploitation for fashion, Amy’s determination never ends. Through her Vegans of IG account, Amy talked to thousands (51.6k followers and counting!) of vegans and wannabe vegans, like myself, about the reality of animal agriculture, the vastity of alternatives available and all the necessary tools to make the switch to a compassionate lifestyle. Following Amy on Instagram, I started feeling like she was a friend – one that made me go from thinking that veganism was too difficult for me, to slowly yet surely realising that actually, there was nothing stopping me.

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Via: Vildamagazine.com