Legends & Vibes

Legends & Vibes was created by Vegan Scene as a ready-to-wear line of women's apparel.

Legends & Vibes is a one-hundred percent vegan and environmentally conscious fashion label committed to dismantling animal enterprises through fashion. Our mission is simple — To design exquisite clothing that radiates, elevates, and liberates fashion from the inhumane use of animal skins as fabric.

All of our pieces combine stunning design with sustainability to match our ethics; using innovative animal alternatives combined with vintage, repurposed and recycled materials that we source locally. Our designs are created with a unique mix of sophisticated edge and feminine glamour finished with soft Southern California style for the modern fearless female.

We believe that style should not only make a statement, but tell a story of what someone stands for. For us, that stems directly from the pillars we stand on. We stay intimately involved in every level of production, ensuring that our ethics are never compromised while maintaining the highest level of quality.

To bring it all home, each of our styles is named after a street right here in our hometown of Venice, California where so many unique voices with bold, creative ideas got their start.