Who We Are

Who We Are

Vegan Scene is a 100% vegan and eco-conscious fashion boutique based in Venice, CA. Our mission is to make vegan fashion accessable, affordable, and luxe.
Our boutique and online shop feature vegan and eco-friendly women's clothing, accessories, and beauty products.


Vegan Scene was founded by Amy Rebecca Wilde in 2014.

Amy's philosophy is “activism via commerce.” Vegan Scene came about while Amy was busy conducting fur free campaigns in Los Angeles, CA and running vegan meet ups through her popular Instagram account: Vegans of Instagram.

She had an extremely hard time finding vegan spaces for either retail or events, so she decided to take matters into her own hands and open up her own space: Vegan Scene.


In 2017 we launched Legends & Vibes, a one-hundred percent vegan and environmentally conscious fashion label committed to dismantling animal enterprises though fashion.
All of our pieces combine stunning design with sustainability, using innovative animal alternatives, combined with vintage, repurposed and recycled materials that we source locally.
We stay intimately involved in every level of production, to ensure that our high standards of quality and ethics are never compromised.


Founder and owner Amy Rebecca Wilde, a vegan for over 16 years, is the brain, muscle and heart of the whole operation.

As an animal rights activist turned entrepreneur, Amy has dedicated her life to making veganism exciting, accessible, and stylish. 

From design to inventory, she has a concrete vision that she manifests without fail. Though, most importantly, without her, we wouldn’t be able to updated on the latest kitten videos or know what the current score is for any Arsenal match.